Return Policy

Old School wines takes every precaution to ensure that the wines leaving your chosen fulfillment center are in exceptional condition prior to shipping. We ask that purchasers receiving shipments follow a few steps in order to assure that your wine is received to your satisfaction.

  1. Immediately bring shipped wine into a suitable area for storage. Do not leave on the porch or in the sun etc. If your wine is to be enjoyed in the near future: indoor storage in a relatively stable temperature, lying on its side or neck down in the case as shipped is best. If long term storage is your goal, then proper cellaring is essential.
  2. Inspect all packages immediately upon arrival. If they are of your satisfaction, Cheers! If not, please continue to the step below.
  3. Should any bottles be broken, please contact within 48 hours of receipt of the packages so we may get replacements on their way to you. Please retain the products as you found them if possible. This will aid us in initiating a claim with our fulfillment center. We will arrange to have the broken or defective products picked up in most cases.

Please contact me if the wine is flawed (i.e. cork taint) and I will gladly send a replacement. Please retain the cork and and the remaining wine in the bottle. We may choose to have it picked up in able to perform analysis to determine to source of the flaw.

From time to time Old School may advise you to hold a  shipment on orders due to extreme weather conditions. However, the final responsibility in choosing when to ship the wine is determined by the purchaser. Old School Wines cannot exchange wine flawed due to exposure to extremely cold or hot weather.