2016 Aurosa Rose of Pinot Gris


2016 Aurosa is SOLD OUT.   2017 Aurosa will be released April 1st, 2017.

Aurosa is an intriguing wine of uncommon methodology.  I grow the pinot gris for this wine more like a high end pinot noir, employing more sun exposure to the clusters and shoot positioning throughout the growing season.  This ensures a thickening of the skins and allows a fuller spectrum of flavor and aromatic development.  Conversely, the yields are elevated to increase acidity, repress sugars, and lengthen hang time.  The increased crop loads helps to retain a framework of minerality and acidity.

The fruit is gently crushed and left on the skins for 36 hours before being pressed, barrel fermented, and resting on lees for 5 months.  The lees are frequently stirred throughout this final period to build layers of texture and intrigue.

Aurosa showcases a charming light copper color and unique hibiscus tea and rose hip tones.   Slight wisps of lavender, violets, and tea rose intermingle with citrus, river stone, and steel.  A layered texture compliments the dancing lacework of this intriguing pinot gris.



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Product Description

Light exposure to skins and gentle handling yield delicately focused hibiscus and rose hip tea intermingled with creamy persimmon, bergamot flower and lavender.