Farm Family Membership

familyFamily membership opens the front gate to Antiquum Farm.

We do what we do in our own particular way. I have forged our methods based on what is most important to us: family, friends, and finding beauty, joy and purpose in our work.

I want to share our passion and vision with you. My hope is that you receive a more intimate sense of this agricultural love affair and the unique way of life that enriches our hearts and wines.

-Stephen Hagen, farmer




  • Guaranteed personal allocations of Passiflora and Luxuria pinots.
  • Farm Family exclusive small lot barrel releases and limited editions. These lots, when they happen, will be available for tasting and purchase for members only. These will be special stand-out barrels that do not fit our current blends stylistically, but are too outstanding to blend. Luxuria was born of such a barrel.



  • Complimentary access to all open house events.
  • Complimentary seated tastings and farm tours. (Total of six people per event)
  • 25% off any stay at the farm cottage(availability beginning June, 2017. Monday-Thursday or as scheduled.)
  • Complimentary ground shipping on farm family shipments and additional case purchases throughout the year.

Membership tiers

We cater to your preferences with three tiers of membership and red-only options:

Illustration of a single draft horse in harness

Single Tree
Receives one case annually
$600 or $50/mo. • $700 (red only)


Illustration of two draft horses abreast

Double Tree
Receives two cases annually
$1200 or $100/mo. • $1400 (red only)


Illustration of three draft horses abreast

Three Abreast
Receives three cases annually
$1800 or $150/mo. • $2100 (red only)


Farm Family Membership sign-up

Farm Family Membership sign-up

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