Winemaker and family


The Winemaker

teamStephen Hagen is a native son of the Willamette Valley’s coastal foothills. He was raised only a few miles down the road from what is today, Antiquum Farm. Stephen was steeped in a great appreciation for all things outdoors and was given free reign to roam the streams, hills, and woods for miles in every direction on foot, bike, or horseback. In fact, as a boy, he frequently trespassed onto the property he now owns to snake fat trout from the farm pond. He grew up to know the country well, and developed a deep knowledge and love for his native Oregon hills.

Stephen frequently departed on solo fishing, hunting, and foraging excursions for a few days at a time by the age of ten. These explorations led to a deeper understanding of the rhythms and pulses of the natural world. It is this intuition that guides his farming, winegrowing, and vinification decisions every day.

He has been studying the horseman’s craft since he was a small boy. He began learning the art of working draft horses after purchasing the land that was to become Antiquum Farm.

The Family

familyStephen and his wife Niki founded Antiquum Farm out of a strong desire to raise their children in a similar way to Stephen’s childhood, and to do wonderful things while surrounded by beauty. It is these simple desires that inform each decision in their farming and business life. Niki and Stephen have two young children: a daughter, Daisy, and a son Juel. Both are actively engaged in the growing and making of Antiquum Farm wines. Daisy is a competent horsewoman and is responsible for all daily care of their equine partners. She also manages the poultry flock. Throughout the growing season she scouts the vineyard on horseback almost daily. Juel has forsaken horses for skateboarding. However, he is keenly interested in shepherding, wine growing/making, and cooking. He has a pretty decent palette for a 9 year old and has recently been learning to run farm equipment and taking part in blending trials for our wines.